AUDIT is the independent examination of accounting (financial) reporting which goal is the expression of opinion on the reliability of such reporting in compliance with International Audit Standards and the Law “On Audit Activities”.

“AST-ABIKO” has longstanding audit traditions. We are focused on the useful effect for the Clients, which significantly complements to the major goal that is the obtaining of Audit Report.

Business is primarily judged by reporting. The preparation of high quality accounting (financial) reporting is rather complicated, requires the deep knowledge of accounting legislation and high competence of chief accountant. At present, accounting divisions of companies are often not sufficiently attentive to accounting reporting due to major concentration on tax reporting because of its high complexity and the risk of errors.

Accounting reporting and its supplements will acquire appropriate accuracy factors and completeness of information disclosure as a consequence of carrying out of auditors’ recommendations.

Your company will be able to demonstrate serious approach to business to anyone who will be acquainted with its reporting, which is undoubtedly a useful audit effect.

Audit requires examination of tax computation in values essential for reporting. It is very efficient to scrutinize tax accounting system under additional task during audit as the complete activities of a company are thoroughly examined by “AST-ABIKO” auditor. In any case, you will receive meaningful information on the correctness of tax computation and discovered risks as part of information on the audit results. The timeliness of such information contributes to protecting a company from errors.

Company, which underwent audit, enlists greater credibility. We always inform the participants about the real state of affairs.

Regardless of whether a compulsory or initiative audit is carried out by “AST-ABIKO” for your company, it will definitely be useful not only by Audit Report

Accounting services

ACCOUNTING SERVICES performed by “AST-ABIKO” is the support of accounting division of a Client by “AST-ABIKO” experts in a certain combination of services specified below:

  • – Development of accounting policy and methodology in accordance with the Russian accounting standards;
  • – Development of document flow and internal control procedures;
  • – Setting or correction of the accounting system in accounting software;
  • – Book keeping of separate accounting sections (for example, the wage);
  • – Conducting of inventory, reconciliation of accounts, other accounting processes;
  • – Control of tax accounting, assistance in the preparation of the tax reporting;
  • – Control of accounting operations, assistance in preparation of financial statements, including the service “External PROF Accountant”.

External prof accounting

The essence of the service “External PROF Accountant” is in constant external control of current operations, making corrections, supervision of tax returns (or preparing tax returns), assistance in preparation of financial statements (or its complete preparation). This service is particularly recommended at the stage of development, reconstruction, continuous growth of the company, which is accompanied by non-standard situations, requiring analysis and search of solutions. This is the form of relationships, when the methodology and complicated accounting and tax operations are placed under external control, even if there is an internal accounting division.

The service “External PROF Accountant” may include the most complicated functions of chief accountant:

  • – Preparation and development of internal accounting and tax regulations;
  • – Assessment of complex transactions – their tax consequences, the impact on financial statements;
  • – Control of accounting operations in the reporting period prior the preparation of the reporting;
  • – Recommendations for reasonable adjustments;
  • – Participation in or complete preparation of accounting and tax reporting.

Such service is useful both to companies that have skilled chief accountant overloaded with current problem solving and to companies where chief accountant has no enough experience and needs professional assistance in the conditions of fast-changing and ambiguous tax legislation. External control will allow managers to gain added confidence in the reliability of information for making management decisions.

Tax support

Many companies trust us to support and control their tax processes.
“AST-ABIKO” knows how to provide tax support to a Client under any complexity of its activities for the best possible compliance with the tax legislation.


  • – Development of tax policy and tax accounting methodology;
  • – Setting of tax policy in accounting software;
  • – External control of tax processes;
  • – Tax accounting, preparation of tax reporting;
  • – Interaction with tax authorities (preparation of responses to requests, reconciliation with the budget);
  • – Representation of the clients during field and in-house tax audit;
  • – Examination of Clients’ tax reporting and risk assessment of application and interpretation of the tax legislation based on the current tax practice.

Tax support services are based on practical knowledge in controlling and computation taxes, tax disputes and monitoring of judicial practice.

To foreign companies

“AST-ABIKO” has been providing services to the foreign companies for many years, supporting their activities in Russia. We are entrusted with the management of affairs and the maintenance of relations with the state bodies by the companies, involved into exploitation of oil fields in the Russian Federation.

We provide the following services to the branches and representative offices of the foreign companies:

  • - Tax and legal advisory work;
  • - Accounting, preparation of financial and tax reporting of the branches and representative offices;
  • - Representation of interests in tax authorities or other state bodies of the Russian Federation;
  • - Advisory work, support of the issues related to the application of International treaties on avoidance of double taxation for the purpose of using benefits and the return of taxes paid in Russia;
  • - Complex legal support to foreign companies.